Natasha’s Jewellery Classes 2019 – Upcycle and Mend


When you look at the image above, does it strike a chord? Maybe you feel that you have got so much jewellery that you don’t feel you can justify buying any more. However, if you treat your costume jewellery as you would treat your wardrobe, you may find that it can be very refreshing to have a clear out. January is an excellent time of year to do this!

For this workshop, you are encouraged to take a good look at your jewellery collection and find pieces that you no longer wear, either because they are broken or due to the fact that they look at bit tired or dated and are in need of a re-vamp. I will demonstrate how you can mend your jewellery, turn odd earrings into pendants, combine more than one necklace to create a different look and transform your pieces into wearable items with a new lease of life.

The workshop will be held in my house in central Lewes. We will sit around the large dining table in a room filled with natural light and with lovely views over the Lewes townscape. To start we will take a look at the pieces you have brought along and prioritise. I will demonstrate how to re-string necklaces using tiger tail wire and crimps. I will also show you how to use flat and round-nosed pliers to manipulate wire for repairing links in necklaces. I will then offer guidance with your chosen projects. By the end of the 3 hour session, you should have had time to rejuvenate a number of pieces and also be left feeling very satisfied!

Included in the £30 price of this fun workshop will be all stringing materials, base metal clasps and an endless supply of hot drinks and yummy biscuits.

For more information and to book a place please e-mail Natasha through the contact page on this website or call 07801 825 476.